The compact bench mounted CTT automated electric crimping machine is capable of producing consistent crimps every time, with a speed of up to 60 crimps per minute. Featuring a low noise output, easy assembly and application, this complete range will improve efficiency by reducing labor time, eliminating manual error and repetitive strain injury.

Our automated crimping machine and tape on reel terminals are also fully compatible with TAKBRO and JST equivalents.

Key Features

• Reduces labor expenses and costly manual errors
• Automatically crimps in the correct position every time with the easy foot pedal operation
• Low noise output, easy assembly and application
• Full range of UL approved tape on reel terminals available in a variety of sizes
• Capable of crimping up to 60 crimps per minute

For use with tape on reel terminals.

Power Source:AC220V or AC110V

Dimensions:340mm (L) x 170mm (W) x 260mm (H)

Rotary Speed:60pcs/minute

Crimping Range:22 AWG – 10 AWG. 1mm – 6mm

Weight Kg:27AC Motor:1/4HP, O.2KW